Tournées et concerts
Calendrier du concerts plus importants (pardon, en Anglais seulment)

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England-Tour October 2007:
La Zag enchant the English audience with their "Historical Folk"!
Enthusiastic fans (old and new) and promoters.

Our Venues:

St. Michael's Church, Torrington, Devon

St. Brannock's Church, Braunton, Devon

Gainsborough Old Hall, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

Folk Club Brown Cow, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Pamela Hambro Village Hall, Winterbourne Stickland, Dorset

Morden Village Hall, Morden/Wareham, Dorset

Toller Porcorum Hall, Toller Porcorum, Dorset

The Bell Inn, Bath, Avon

BIG THANK YOU to Richard&Splodge from LittleWhiteLionProductions,
to the local promoters and
to the Ladies from Dorset, who with their cooking skills proofed to us how delicious English food can be!





From „The Bath Chronicle“, Oct. 25th 2007 (please click)


Impressions.... arrival.....PIC_0026.jpg (94408 Byte)PIC_0030.jpg (126008 Byte)PIC_0028.jpg (107459 Byte)PIC_0037.jpg (100614 Byte)
soundcheck and concert....
lazag3.jpg (101271 Byte)lazag4.jpg (103670 Byte)lazag17.jpg (83753 Byte)
backstage with Capitan Uncione and Chicca Tettamiao... PIC_0042.jpg (97581 Byte)PIC_0044.jpg (78873 Byte)
... real BIG fans!!!




August 25th 2007: memorable concert at the "IsolaFolk" Festival, one of Italian's most important folk-festivals, organized by Giovanni Alcaini!

In the Castello (=castle) Colleoni in Solza near Bergamo/Milano, our "Historical Folk" vibrates through the night as all of a sudden a voice can be heard out of the audience, addressed to our frontman Franco: "Sei meglio di Jan Anderson!"(= you're better than Jan Anderson). What a compliment (...to hell with modesty...)!

Program (clic to enlarge)...

completo_retro07.jpg (153161 Byte)

and poster:

manifPIC_0054.jpg (190462 Byte)

19th - 29th October: ON TOUR again IN ENGLAND!!

Our Richard&Splodge from LittleWhiteLion Productions - (yessss, Il-Mostro has mutated into lion!!) - really have worked out FLAT for La Zag and have organized a tour of two weeks with NiNE DATES in the most wonderful places of England, amongst others in two Churches in Devon! We also have the honour to play at the Gainsborough Old Hall again! For details look: http://lazag.mysite.orange.co.uk/

May 5th and 6th 2007: Rochester Sweeps, the world's biggest Morrisdance-Festival with lots and lots of folk-groups playing - one of them La Zag!

highstreet3855_resize.JPG (78268 Byte)Great success, and great experience, too. We literally  swept the Sweeps off its feet (as our Richard Gillitt likes to say). Many people who saw our first gig at the Gordon Hotel Marquee followed us to our next gigs (Boley Hill Stage and City Wall Wine Bar).

But enough with words now: lets see pictures instead! Chris Tong from Rochester made us this wonderful gift. Thanks to him!

Gig on the Boley Hill Stage
Saturday, May 5th 2007, 5pm:

Ecco la primavera
A lieta vita
Branle de Poitou
Wascha mesa
Come again
Lucky Man
Lady in Black
Branles de Bourgogne









gillmorris3849_resize.JPG (165085 Byte)

Many thanks again to Richard&Splodge from Il-Mostro Productions and to the whole Crew, so there is  Herman, Doug und Janice:
withmonsterprod3884_resize.JPG (68316 Byte)


A very special thank-you to Doug Hudson, English Gentleman and guitarist and singer of the "Hot Rats"!

PIC_0105red.jpg (161281 Byte)




October 2006: England Tour
7 gigs in 7 enchanting venues!

Organized by our English promoter Richard Gillitt from MonsterProductions.  A huge "Thank You" to him and to  Super Secretary Splodge (& Herman)!

R+Sp1491ritred.jpg (94362 Byte)
For more details and links see our English Homepage http://lazag.mysite.orange.co.uk/

October 6th  2006: The Keay Theatre 
St. Austell, Cornwall

October 7th 2006: Minack Theatre

October 8th 2006: Medieval Fayre "A Bit of a Knees Up" Beaford Arts
Beaford, Devon

October 10th 2006: "Food & Drink Festival" Rochester, Kent

October 11th 2006: Gainsborough Old Hall Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

October 12th 2006: The Circle
, Nottinghamshire

October 13th 2006: Kingsway Hall
Forest Town
, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire (with support "Albert's Kitchen"!)



Thanks from our hearts to following English friends and sponsors:

Richard Hudson, singer/guitarplayer of "Albert's Kitchen", for posters and  flyers
AKftdh6ret.jpg (75624 Byte)

John Harrison for La Zag-on-tour-T-Shirts and for letting us park our instruments in his shop
HarrisonTshirt1873ritred.jpg (72495 Byte)  HarrisonShop3178ritred.jpg (108117 Byte)

Hobgoblin - Shop in Wadebridge, Cornwall, for the  sponsoring of guitar-strings
Hobgoblin3028red.jpg (102468 Byte)



16th July 2006:  meeting  with Hevia before his concert at the Celtic Music Festival of Ostiano (Cremona-Italy), where we played ourselves on 21st July (see right side). If you like, click on the picture to enlarge it.

21st July 2006:  our gig at Isola Dovarese (a beautiful old town, big square in renaissance style), on Friday after Hevia, in front of an audience of about 400. Photos and reviews will follow soon (click to enlarge).

RoemE.jpg (68361 Byte)        RoemAFL.jpg (65541 Byte)RoemAV.jpg (53682 Byte)    RoemF.jpg (70423 Byte)     RoemLAVF.jpg (65421 Byte)

Premiere of the new CD...Roemalle.jpg (195001 Byte)
...in Merano-Italy.

2005: now we've got a bass player (you can hear him full of power on the new cd).

Electric bassman Luca Agostini


Acoustic-Electric-Tour 2003: more pictures!


Tour 2003 with Blackmore's Night: after Germany with 7 gigs in July the tour went on in Oct./Nov. with Switzerland, Austria, Italy und finally UK!
As you see, we are very busy indeed and there's little time for updating the homepage. Friends and fans have sent us lots and lots of fotos, so there's a big work to do. But from UK (where we had a real great success!) here some pictures right now!
Acoustic-Electric-Tour Germany 2003 with Blackmore's Night - first pictures!
It was fanatastic to be on tour again with Candice, Ritchie & Co. ! And - La Zag were a big  success with the audience. German fans continue writing us emails and asking for cds, thank you. Now we are working hard to organize own concerts in the German area (PROMOTERS WELCOME!!!). Click here and you'll find some nice pictures!
Back from Switzerland: big success for all!
Some press commentaries and fotos:
La Liberté
La Gruyère

gruyérebuehne.jpg (161936 Byte)gruyéreschloss.jpg (61647 Byte)chalamala1.jpg (58593 Byte)chalamala2.jpg (59454 Byte)

On the picture below you can see our dear friends of the Sardinian Group Cuncordia a Launeddas (Ignazio, the photographer, is the  player with the red belt!)
cuncordia.jpg (70095 Byte)

Blackmores Night A4.jpg (176541 Byte)
With Blackmore's Night on tour -
in  Germany 2003 

Great news: Ritchie  wants us to open his concerts in Germany (like we did in Italy 2000 and 2002)! So you can hear 30-40 minutes of La Zag on each gig!. The dates:
04.07. Würselen (Aachen), Burg Wilhelmstein
06.07. Fulda, Schlosshof
07.07. Bielefeld, Oetkerhalle (cancelled)
08.07. Bremen, Die Glocke
10.07. Wertheim, Schloss Wertheim
11.07. Rothenburg o.d.T., Burggarten
12.07. Glauchau, Schloss Forderglauchau
15.07. Friedrichshafen, Graf Zeppelin Haus
(more infos at blackmoresnight.com or ass-concerts.de)

We are looking forward to it - and to YOU!

Switzerland once again: La Zag at the "Grande Couraule" around the Castle of Gruyère 
6th, 7th and 8th of June 2003: a superlative historical event, an old tradition of the 15th century coming to life! Hundreds and hundreds of people, jugglers and musicians walk from Château-d'Oex to Bulle (region of Fribourg), where there will be a big medieval feast in the lovely Castle of Gruyère.
For more details click here http://www.gruyere-trad.ch

Will we meet you there?

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Tournée en Suisse (Bulle, Fribourg)
à la fin d'octobre 2002. "La Zag" était invitée à Bulle pour jouer sur la plus grande foire de la région de Fribourg, le "Comptoir Grui
èrien", où on avait installé un joli pavillon de style moyenâgeux.

Le concert au "Folkest"
du 26 juillet 2002: la ville de Spilimbergo (tout près de Venise) a organisé le festival folk le plus important de toute l'Italie. Nous avons joué lors de la dernière soirée. Notre programme, composé de nos chansons et du folk historique, a été bien accueilli par le public.

Tournée avec Ritchie Blackmore
Cette année, nous accompagnons de nouveau Ritchie, Candice et "Blackmore's Night" durant leur tournée du 15 au 18 juillet 2002 en Italie (malheureusement, le concert du 16 juillet a dû être annulé à cause de la pluie).
Beaucoup de leurs admirateurs se sont souvenus du groupe "La Zag".

"Welcome music" pour le Président
de la République italienne et sa femme, Signora Franca, le 10 juillet 2001: Toute la ville de Bolzano et le château de Mareccio étaient en émoi! Des invités très illustres sont arrivés. Nous avons eu l'honneur de clore la cérémonie officielle par un concert donné dans le jardin du château. Signora Franca était enthousiaste et Monsieur le Président Carlo Azeglio Ciampi lui-même a souhaité poser avec nous pour une photo.

Concert privé pour Michael Jackson...
le 9 mars 2001. Nous avons été invités à Solda (une localité bien connue du Tyrol du Sud pour le ski et l'escalade) pour jouer à la table d'un hôte mystérieux. On ne nous a pas révélé son identité. Imaginez alors notre surprise quand nous avons appris qu'il s'agissait du "King of Pop", Michael Jackson lui-même et que nous devions jouer pour lui ! Il était à Solda pour une rencontre d'affaires. Notre musique lui a tellement plu qu'il a interrompu son dîner et a commencé à se balancer sur sa chaise! A la fin, il nous a serré la main (!) en nous disant : "Nice music!" Good bye Michael !
...et pour ses gardes du corps:

Si vous désirez agrandir les photos 94/41 KB, cliquez dessus!)