More own shots

Click here for the photos by Richard & Splodge

Candice & Ritchie in action on stage in Bremen...
blackstagebrem.jpg (106273 Byte)

Guitars on stage in Wertheim (the left one is our guitar - Steve, Ritchies personal guitar-assistant, is changing the string-set for us!!!). On the right: view at the audience expecting the gig in Wertheim.

guitarsonstage.jpg (87786 Byte)audiencewerth.jpg (102485 Byte)

Two doves-in-love on the Rothenburg city-wall..... and on stage with the rest of the family:
EFrothenb.jpg (55787 Byte)danpurrone.jpg (102490 Byte)

Another enchanting gig (with great audience), this time in Glauchau:
blackonstageglauch.jpg (86258 Byte)
audienceglauch.jpg (115331 Byte)

„Master“ Ritchie on stage in  Friedrichshafen!!
ritchieonstagefried.jpg (95965 Byte)

to be continued