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DVD „UK Tour - October 2006“:

Out now! Live performances from our latest cd and great acoustic historical music. Click on the picture at the right for more informations about contents (= back of dvd-sleeve). 

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production & design: splodge gillitt
filming & copyright: richard gillitt


This is a phrase used by Medieval cartographers to scribe on unexplored, untamed quarters where you will find wild entities and such things that cannot be categorized. Like the music on this cd: rooted in ancient world, but still  unknown virgin land.

Produced with the financial help of Südtiroler Landesregierung, Amt für Kultur in deutscher und ladinischer Sprache.


1. H.S.L. clip385KB/full2745KB
F. Ferrarese - F. Ferrarese
2. Arbeau
Thoinot Arbeau 1589, arr. F. Ferrarese
3. SAQUAPI clip384KB/clip366KB
Domenico da Piacenza 1500, arr. F. Ferrarese
4. A lieta vita
G. Gastoldi 16th cent./P. Cornelius 19th cent., arr. F. Ferrarese
5. Volte
M. Praetorius around 1600, arr. F. Ferrarese
6. Branle de Poitou
A. Le Roy 16th cent., solo + arr. F. Ferrarese 
7. Wascha mesa full2873KB
H. Newsidler 1536, arr. F. Ferrarese
8. Henry's Ballet
Anon., arr. F. Ferrarese
9. Lady in black
K. Hensley (EMI Music Publishing Ltd)
10. Branles de Bourgoigne
J. Moderne
16th cent., arr. F. Ferrarese
11. Cascarda Ferrarese
F. Caroso
16th cent., arr. F. Ferrarese
12. Memento mori clip379KB
F. Ferrarese


CD “A lieta vita”:

Second anthology of our repertory: dances, instrumental music and songs of the European Renaissance, a strictly acoustic program, played on innumerable Historical banquets at the Obermoosburgkeller in Coldrano.

For the moment this cd is available only in “ homemade version ”, official printing following soon.



1. A lieta vita clip587KB
Giovanni Gastoldi, 16th cent.
2. The Lord Zouche's Masque/Gaillarde Ferrareze
Anon., 16th cent./Pierre Phalèse 1571
3. L'Arboscello ballo Furlano
Giorgio Mainerio 1578
4. Es ging ein Landsknecht
trad.-Ludwig Senfl, um 1520
5. Bransle de Champaigne X clip384KB
Claude Gervaise 1555
6. Volte du Tambour CCXLV
Michael Praetorius, around 1600
7. Ballet
Michael Praetorius, around 1600
8. Greensleeves/Pastime with good company clip326KB
trad. 16th cent./King Henry VIII 1491-1547
9. Allemande - Tripla
Johann Hermann Schein 1617
10. Branle de la Roine/Ballett du Roy/Bransle de Bourgoigne
M. Praetorius/M. Praetorius/P. Phalèse, 16th cent.
11. Also tritt unser Hansl dort her/Der wind der weet clip553KB
trad. aus Österreich, 16th cent.
12. Mounsier's Almain/Es ist ein Schnee gefallen/Mit Lust tritt ich an diesen Tanz
William Byrd, around 1600/trad. 16th cent./trad.-Ludwig Senfl, 16th cent.
13. Galliard
Michael Praetorius, around 1600
14. Ma Julieta, Dama
Anon., 15th cent.
15. La Bourree 1/La Bourree 2 clip400KB
Michael Praetorius, around 1600
16. Kein schöner Land
German folksong

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CD “Il Cavaliere delle Dolomiti”:

12 ballads on the legend of Fanes, a mysterious people once living in the Dolomites, lyrics in Italian (translation here).
This album shows clearly the musical evolution of the group towards their very own "historical folk"-style: hurdy-gurdy- and bagpipe-sounds in fusion with 12string guitar, violin and ethnic percussion.


1. Il misterioso Regno di Fanis clip294KB/full 2850KB
2. Lo straniero Velicònder
3. Spina de Mul
4. Il Regno prezioso di Aurona
5. Dolasilla
6. Ey de Net
7. Lo scudo
8. L'amore
9. Il tradimento
10. Lujànta
11. Le Marmotte clip248KB/full 3377KB
12. Il Tesoro

CD “Ancient tunes for new times”:

Renaissance-dances from various European collections and original music as a review of the first decade of La Zag’s musical activity, including the bilingual song "Cade la pioggia" ("Rain is falling") with lyrics in Italian and German.


1. Branle de La Zag - Ronde 9 clip186KB/full 1777KB
F. Ferrarese - T. Susato, Danserye 1551
2. Almande - Branle de Champaigne
Claude Gervaise, Troisieme/Sixieme livre de danceries 1557/1555
3. All in a garden green
John Playford, The English Dancing Master 1651
4. Branle des Sabots - Branle des Chevaux
Thoinot Arbeau, Orchesographie 1589
5. Belle qui tiens ma vie
Thoinot Arbeau, Orchesographie 1589
6. All diese Leute clip125KB/full 2064KB
F. Ferrarese
7. Allemande et Courante
Tielman Susato, Danserye 1551 - Fitzwilliam Virginal Book 1609/1619
8. Tanz - Piccola principessa
Georg Fuhrmann, Testudo Gallo-Germanico 1615 - F. Ferrarese
9. Parson's farewell clip130KB/full 1297KB & Sellinger's Rownde
John Playford, The English Dancing Master 1651 - Fitzwilliam Virginal Book 1609/1619
10. Quatre Branles - Fagott
Tielman Susato, Danserye 1551
11. Ballo Anglese e Ballo Furlano
Giorgio Mainerio, Il primo libro de balli 1578
12. Zwiefacher
Carl Orff, Klavier-Übung 1933 (arr. by F. Ferrarese)
13. Out of my hat
F. Ferrarese
14. Cade la pioggia
F. Ferrarese

CD “Volpone”:

Soundtrack for the play by Ben Jonson, a contemporary of W. Shakespeare. Containing original music by La Zag and Renaissance tunes besides spoken passages of the stage production.


1. Spagnoletta (anon. 16th cent., various dance-collections)
2. Prolog (F. Ferrarese)
3. Das Lied vom Geld und Nachtanz (Stefan Zweig/F. Ferrarese)
4. Monologue Volpone
5. L'arboscello ballo Furlano (Giorgio Mainerio, Venezia 1578)
6. Dialogue Volpone - Mosca
7. So ben, mi, ch'ha bon tempo (after Orazio Vecchi, 16th cent.) clip443KB/full 1173KB
8. Dialogue Mosca - Corvino
9. Pass’e mezzo della paganina (Giorgio Mainerio, Venezia 1578)
10. Dialogue Canina - Mosca
11. Ballo Francese (Giorgio Mainerio, Venezia 1578)
12. Monologue Mosca
13. Tedesca (Giorgio Mainerio, Venezia 1578)
 clip315KB/full 2141KB
14. Monologue Mosca
15. Apotheose (F. Ferrarese)
16. Monologue Mosca
17. Finis Comoedia (F. Ferrarese)
18. Bertold Brecht “Vom Geld

CD “meranflora”:

A compilation of various local songwriters on the topic "flora" on occasion of the Flower Show Meranflora 1997.


5. Der Baum = The tree
(F. Ferrarese) clip213KB/full 2134KB